Speech Language Therapy

Speech-Language Pathology, (SLP), addresses a broad range of communication and swallowing disorders and implements therapy measures to screen, assess and treat a variety of conditions. Also known as speech therapy, it targets the mental side of speech, including cognitive function, speech development and language processing, voice conditions and sensory awareness.
Families are a vital part of speech-language therapy at Janey Macey and Associates.  It’s important that parents and caregivers fully understand their child’s treatment plan in order for it to be carried out at home.  Families are always welcomed into the session and encouraged to be an active participant during therapy.  The family’s involvement ensures continuity of care across all settings.
One of the advantages of receiving speech-language therapy at Janey Macey and Associates is that we also offer occupational therapy and behavioral therapy.   If these therapies are needed, your child will be served by a multi-disciplinary team.  We consistently communicate the child’s progress and assist with addressing similar goals.  If the need arises, we have the option of co-treating.
Birth to 3 Months – Doesn’t smile or interact with others
4 to 7 Months – Doesn’t babble
7 to 12 Months – Makes few sounds, does not use gestures (waving, pointing)
7 Months to 2 Years – Doesn’t understand what others say
12 to 18 Months – Says only a few words
1 to 2 Years – Says p,b,m,h and w incorrectly in words
1 ½ to 3 Years – Doesn’t put words together to make sentences
2 to 3 Years –
Has trouble playing and talking with other children
problems with early reading and writing skills (no interest in books or drawing)
Says k, g, f, t, d and n incorrectly in words
Repeats first sounds of words – “b-b-b-b-ball”
Stretches out sounds – “f-f-f-f—farm”
Produces speech that is unclear, even to familiar people
Pauses a lot while speaking
Struggles to say sounds or words
Uses a hoarse or breathy voice
Uses a nasal-sounding voice