Amazing experience

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My experience at JM&A has been nothing short of amazing.  Every therapist there is wonderful with my son.  Just two years ago, Preston couldn’t put two words together and now he communicates in complete sentences and has an IQ of 141.

We achieved our goals

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After years of speech therapy, William hit a wall and was very frustrated – he wanted to quit speech therapy completely. That’s when we brought him to Janey Macey. Once he started working with Janey, he began making progress again. He was happy to work with her and felt motivated to practice on his own. His confidence increased, and most …

What to look for in a child to determine a need for OT

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Difficulty with handwriting – requires increased time to complete assignments when compared to same aged peers; writing is illegible; or spacing of words/letters is inconsistent. Difficulty with attention – often fidgets when sitting; must always be on the move; or is easily distracted by their environment (hears/sees everything going on around them). Poor motor coordination – cannot perform unfamiliar motor …