Erica Flores

ABA Line Technician

Erica Flores began her road to her life’s work as an ABA (Applied Behavioral Analysis) therapist when her family discovered that her youngest brother has autism. She says, “As our family researched and educated ourselves on how best to help him, I learned more and more about what ABA is and how it is helping children with autism.” She chose to focus the psychology degree she was pursuing at the time in that direction, and continued on to earn her graduate certificate in Behavioral Intervention in Autism. Erica joined JMA a year after beginning her practice in 2011.  Janey Macey and Associates is a great fit for Erica; she says, “I love working at JMA because we all work together as a team. We have different specialties, but we come together to provide collaborative therapy and make the best treatment plan for each child.” She also highly values her working partnership with the BCBA’s (Board Certified Behavior Analyst), saying, “Our BCBA’s are very familiar with each client and their families, and they participate in the clinic and with the children themselves. They emphasize providing the best therapy, and practice what they preach. I couldn’t ask for better supervision!” Working with the children themselves is satisfying in itself; Erica says, “I love working with children and helping them learn, grow and reach goals.  These children challenge me and motivate me on a daily basis and I love them for it.  I love learning new ways to teach and help them succeed.”
Erica was brought to Bossier City through her husband’s Air Force job – they met as high school sweethearts and have been together for 10 years, and they have two well-loved dogs.

Baylor University – Bachelor of Science in Psychology
University of Massachusetts Lowell – Graduate Certificate in Behavioral Intervention in Autism